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Three (or five if you'd rather) sentence prompt: Dragon Knights post series, Rune freaking out about all the paperwork and reconstruction they need to do, and Rath's reaction. GO!

Rath scratched busily at the paperwork in front of him, flipping through page after page of requests and permissions with narrow eyes. Behind him, Rune paced as he rattled off the results of the most recent repair before pausing as the flutter of pages alerted him that the other was no longer listening.

Whisking the pages from under Rath’s hands, Rune’s eyes turned from flint to steel as the breeze of Rath’s hasty get away revealed the crude flipbook of the Dragon King killing demons and standing victorious over them.

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Fact: Toothless is the cutest thing ever, don’t deny it. 

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Toothless + sassiness = a great set of gifs

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Peekaboo! Silly storm!